Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

MAASTRO clinic’s governance structure is the Supervisory Board / Board of Directors structure. The supervisory Board oversees managerial functioning and thereby the business operations and policymaking of MAASTRO clinic. The profile of the board members consists of managerial experience, societal experience, specific expertise and personal skills. As a result, the board has a lot of knowledge and experience in the areas of social services, the organisation and economics of health care, clinical care and scientific research and education.
The tasks and responsibilities of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors are set down in the articles of association.

Composition of the current Supervisory Board:

Name  Position  Daily function 
Mr. G.C.P. Dijk RA Chairman  Mr. Dijk has been a partner at Deloitte for 17 years (1991 – 2008) and is currently the owner of Dijk Holding BV. His expertise lies in financial auditing & accounting, management consulting, finance & banking and mergers & acquisitions. Giel held and holds several positions in boards of directors and supervisory boards. Among which the board of Jumping Indoor Maastricht and  the Margraten Memorial Center.
Mr. Prof. Dr. J. Cobbenhagen Vice-chairman  Mr. Cobbenhagen is CEO of Maastricht University Holding b.v. (since 2003) and Professor of Entrepreneurship. Maastricht University Holding B.V. (UM Holding) is the corporate venture firm of Maastricht University (UM). Maastricht University Holding invests in strategic ventures and spin offs from Maastricht University. In addition he is director of Maastricht University’s Knowledge Transfer Office. Jan has a strong track record in innovations, entrepreneurship and setting up start-ups. Linked in profile:
Mr. Prof. Dr. H. Bartelink Member  Mr. Bartelink is a radiation-oncologist at The Netherlands Cancer Institute / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Huis, Amsterdam
Mrs. M. Teunissen Member  Mrs. Teunissen is CEO of De Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam, an international music institute with Europe’s largest collection of music  for libraries. Margreet furthermore holds positions in several supervisory boards, mostly in health care. She also has a broad experience in politics and working with labor unions and is chairman of the board of the Pension Fund Public Libraries. LinkedIn profile:
Mr. F.A.H.M. van Attekum Member  Mr. Van Attekum was a partner at Deloitte until June 2014 when he retired. During his professional career he was active in or for public or semi-public organizations. He held and holds several positions in boards of directors and in supervisory boards, among which the Integraal Kankercentrum Limburg and the Stichting Samenwerking Oncologie Limburg.  
Mr. L. Janssen Member Mr. Janssen was  Chief Financial Officer at the board of directors of Zuyderland Medical Centre (Merger between Orbis MC and Atrium MC) from  November 2010 until June 2015. Before he was head of internal audit department of Philips.  Building on a broad experience in finance, he has proven to operate successfully as a leader in complex organizations, both in the private and the public sector. LinkedIn profile:

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