P.O. Box 3035
6202 AZ Maastricht
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)88 4455666
F: +31 (0)88 4455667
Chamber of Commerce Registration Number: 14095894
VAT number: NL8183.06.208.B01

MAASTRO INNOVATIONS BV is a spin-off company of MAASTRO clinic founded in July 2007. Primary goal of this company is to commercialize findings, (clinical grade) software, patents or other non core-business activities of MAASTRO clinic. MAASTRO innovations is the technology transfer office of MAASTRO clinic working in close collaboration with Biomedbooster. Based on the advice of Ernst & Young Accountants in February 2007, the company was set up as a so-called Besloten Vennootschap (Belgium: bvba, UK: Ltd, Germany: GmbH, France: SPRL). MAASTRO INNOVATIONS is advised by a scientific advisory board consisting of the professors from the scientific medical staff of MAASTRO clinic and at least one prominent international researcher in oncology from external organizations and a CEO with a business profile. Goal of the scientific advisory board is to advice MAASTRO INNOVATIONS on its research lines. MAASTRO innovations has also the ability to create sub companies (or daughter companies) for special products. The current focus of MAASTRO INNOVATIONS BV is on two topics:

  • Primary topics: The development and improvement of radiotherapy related software related to Electronic Portal dosimetry, Image analysis (Radiomics), eLearning and Decision Support Systems. The success story of MAASTRO innovation is its daughter company named “Dg.Art” involved in a solution for Dose Guided Radiotherapy (more)


  • Secondary topics: Products related to tumor hypoxia: a new PET biomarker for CA9 imaging and CA9 inhibitors

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