Jobs at MAASTRO clinic

Overview of positions

At MAASTRO clinic about 250 people are employed in several kinds of positions, for example (para) medical, administrative, staff- and researchpositions. Please click herefor the organisation overview of MAASTRO clinic.

The overview below gives an impression of the most common positions within MAASTRO clinic.

- Radiotherapist -oncologist (also in training)
- Radiation technologist
- Support (secretariat, medical typist, mutationplanner, patientplanner, dcotor's assistant)
- Medical physicist
- Mouldroom employee
- Instrument maker
- Social worker

- Researcher
- PhD-student
- Post-doc researcher
- Datamanager

- Human resource officer
- Financial employees (administrative, planning & control, salary department)
- Employee facility management
- Receptionist - telephonist
- Policy officer / research liaison officer
- Executive secretary

Computerization & Services
- (Technical) application manager
- Software engineer
- Programmer
- Medical physics engineer

Also, there are possibilities to do traineeships in several disciplines. Click here for more information about traineeships within MAASTRO clinic.

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