Patient Safety

Risk & Safety

On 1 January 2003 risk and safety became a separate focus area at MAASTRO Clinic in addition to quality of care. According to us, patient safety consists of three inseparable elements.
  1. Patient safety culture
  2. Process reliability
  3. Safety Management System

Ad 1: Patient safety culture
A patient safety culture in an organisation is a necessary condition for increasing patient safety. In practice, a good patient safety culture means that everyone knows that humans make mistakes and that given this knowledge, one is alert to unsafe situations or actions and one responds adequately.

Ad 2: Process reliability
The aim of process reliability is to measurably improve the quality of processes. Technical, organisational and staff-related processes are examined as part of process reliability.

Ad 3: Safety Management System (SMS)
The SMS is an efficient system for the systematic identification and management of risks in order to effectively minimise or eliminate them. The SMS is a structure for ensuring that improvements are identified and implemented with a view to continual improvement.

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