Safety management System (SMS)

Safety Management System (SMS)

In August 2014 an SMS re-visitation took place at MAASTRO Clinic. According to the lead auditors of Lloyd’s Register, MAASTRO clinic had again proven itself able to further develop the Safety Management System. The scores of the integrator benchmark remain in balance, higher than the average and amply meet the certification requirements.

Minister Ab Klink confers SMS certificate

The Hague, 9 July 2008
MAASTRO Clinic is the first curative care organisation to be certified for its Safety Management System (SMS). This achievement was considered so special that Ab Klink, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, personally conferred the certificate to MAASTRO Clinic. The event took place at the Ministry of HWS, and was attended by Lloyd’s Register (an independent external certification agency), NVZ and Toyota. MAASTRO Clinic was represented by Maria Jacobs, Philippe Lambin, and the members of the Patient Safety Team: Petra Reijnders-Thijssen, Pascale Simons, Huub Backes, Geert Bosmans, Piet van den Ende and Elly Jeurissen, who had travelled to The Hague to receive the certificate. In addition to Minister Klink, the highest civil servant of Curative Care, Director-General Mrs. L. Monissen, was also present.

Patient Safety Management System Certificate

Article about VMS MAASTRO clinic in Gamma Professional - april 2012

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