About MAASTRO Academy

Welcome to MAASTRO Academy!

MAASTRO Academy is part of MAASTRO clinic and contributes to excellent care by training and education. MAASTRO Academy supports the development of competences and skills of employees by facilitating education, training and learning interventions, that are effective, efficient and inspirational. Innovative ways like e-learning, blended learning (a combination of online learning and contact education) and working on and off the job are also deployed.

MAASTRO Academy is the first point of contact to learn more about:
  • The recognized educational programs within MAASTRO clinic to become Radiation-Oncologist, Clinical Physician, Radiotherapy Technologist and Physician Assistant
  • Clinical, scientific and general internships
  • Graduate studies
  • Learning in practice and observational days with a specific learning objective

Besides offering education and training, MAASTRO Academy collaborates closely with the  care academy of MUMC+ , offers advise and acts as a broker between education requests and offers.

MAASTRO Academy consists of professionals working in different departments within MAASTRO clinic. MAASTRO Academy can be contacted via: academy@maastro.nl

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