MAASTRO clinic is an independent radiotherapy institute that collaborates closely with the University Hospital Maastricht and Maastricht University. At MAASTRO clinic, cancer patients are treated with radiation with the aim of destroying the tumour (curative) or easing the pain (palliative). At MAASTRO clinic, the individual needs of the patient are central to the treatment and MAASTRO clinic aims to become one of the best institutes in the world.

The procurement of goods and services is the responsibility of the Procurement & Facility Management Department (Dutch: I&FM). Purchase orders are placed by authorised employees of the I&FM department based on concluded purchase contracts, or directly if it concerns a single purchase.

The Terms and Conditions of Purchase of MAASTRO clinic apply to all purchase orders. In addition, the MAASTRO clinic House Rules apply to all services carried out within MAASTRO clinic.

Marketing phone calls are not appreciated.

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