Corporate information

Corporate information

General information

MAASTRO Clinic is a radiotherapy institute that provides radiation therapy for various types of cancer for patients in Limburg.

Radiotherapy is a treatment form that uses radiation. It is used for the treatment of cancer, but can also be used to treat other (non-malignant) conditions. Radiotherapy uses X-rays, but much more powerful than those used for making X-ray photographs. In some cases, a radioactive source is applied inside the body in or close to the tumour.  All the radiation types in radiotherapy are invisible and cannot be smelled or felt.

Management team

drs. Danny Vogten Name : drs. Danny Vogten
Position (job) : Secretaris Raad van Bestuur
E-mail address :
drs. Enno Souren RC Name : drs. Enno Souren RC
Position (job) : Manager bedrijfsvoering
E-mail address :
prof. dr. Liesbeth Boersma Name : prof. dr. Liesbeth Boersma
Position (job) : Radiotherapeut-oncoloog en directeur patiëntenzorg
E-mail address :
prof. dr. Marc Vooijs Name : prof. dr. Marc Vooijs
Position (job) : Manager onderzoek en onderwijs
E-mail address :

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