Diagnosis Treatment Combination (Diagnose Behandel Combinatie - DBC)

In the Netherlands, hospitals register and declare the delivered care using Diagnosis Treatment Combinations (DBCs). A DBC contains all activities that are carried out by the hospital and the medical specialist during the entire duration of the care, from diagnosis to resulting treatment (if relevant). Each combination of a diagnosis and treatment has a unique DBC code and each DBC code has its own rate. For more information about DBCs, please visit the website of the Dutch Care Authority (Dutch: NZa).


DBC costs are charged in one invoice after your treatment has been completed. In principle, the invoice is sent to the health insurer with whom you were insured on the first (treatment) day of the DBC (even if you switch health insurers during treatment). You will receive the invoice at your home address if your insurance details are not known to us or if the treatment was not insured.

A DBC has a duration of one year. When the DTC expires after one year, MAASTRO clinic will send an invoice to you or your insurer. This can lead to a correction by your health insurer of an earlier settlement of your no-claim and/or excess payment.


The treatment rates at MAASTRO clinic are fixed by the government. These rates are determined on the basis of national averages and consist of a fee for the specialist and a cost amount for the hospital. You can find these rates on the website of the Nza. You can also check your invoice here using the DBC code: http://dbc-tarieven.nza.nl/Nzatarieven/top.do.

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