Patient Safety / Quality

Patient Safety & Quality

Radiotherapy has traditionally been a profession which strives for consensus and protocolisation. This is integral to working in teams and to the multidisciplinary treatment approach to cancer. A separate component of the quality policy at MAASTRO clinic is Risk & Safety.

Safety system at MAASTRO clinic leads to fewer patient risks

On 1 January 2008, the government introduced a mandatory certified Safety Management System (SMS) for hospitals. This system aims to substantially reduce the number of preventable deaths and injuries.

The reason for the introduction of such a system is that there are hundreds of hospital deaths on a national level each year as a result of preventable mistakes and unsafe situations. MAASTRO clinic is the first clinic in the Netherlands to receive a certified SMS. The Clinic received the first safety certificate from Ab Klink, the Minister of Health Welfare and Sport.

MAASTRO clinic is the first care organisation in the Netherlands to implement a safety management system. Lloyd’s, an independent external certification agency, has formally concluded that MAASTRO clinic meets all the requirements for the certificate. At MAASTRO clinic it is vitally important that the work methods are structurally and systematically safe. It is a high-tech environment that is per definition not free of risks. In addition, we are also treating a vulnerable target group, namely cancer patients. The SMS at MAASTRO clinic contributes to this safety.

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