About us

The MAASTRO Trial office is a professional accredited department responsible for the administrative and logistical support of clinical research within MAASTRO clinic. The department also coordinates scientific research projects commissioned by external parties.
We strive for the highest quality, so our clinical research support is performed according to the Good Clinical Practice guidelines (GCP Guideline 2005/28/EC) and all employees are GCP Certified.  

The Trial office is involved in all stages of clinical research at MAASTRO clinic:  
• setting up the trial and writing the grant proposal
• getting the necessary legal approvals
• setting up trial logistics
• enrolling patients
• collecting trial data
• analyzing data
• monitoring  

We work closely together with among others: Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+),  Clinical Trial Centre Maastricht (CTCM) and the European Biobank Maastricht.  

Since 2013 the Trial office also includes a Trial Outpatient Clinic. Within this department extensive logistical support of clinical research has been realized.

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